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SightLine offers high quality business cards. Full color 16pt high gloss UV coated as well as higher end specialty cards such as Silk Laminated, Spot UV, custom cut, and more. Give us a call today.

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3M Scotchprint Graphics


Literally a LOT of options here. Materials are broken into 2 sections. Media and Substrates. Media is what we are printing on such as vinyl, paper, fabric, etc. Substrates are what the media is attached, adhered, or mounted in some way to and cen be anything from your living room wall to a vehicle, to materials we can provide such as foam board, aluminum, acrylic, etc. Then there are finshing options which range from stitching and grommets for banners to various overlaminates for printed media.

Print Media

Adhesive vinyl ranging from types specifically for vehicle wraps to types specific for wall murals.
Vinyl banner stocks ranging from lightweight indoor matte finish to mesh to high gloss heavy outdoor stock.
Fabrics for multiple uses. Some have adhesive backing and are used for custom wall coverings while others are used for a classy option for indoor banners and murals. We even print on fine art canvas.


The materials we can apply adhesive prints vary greatly. Some of the media is specially made o adhere to smooth surfaces such as vehicles to highly irregular and textures surfaces such as brick. We can provide and mount your prints to many substrates such as
foam board (Gator Board)
extruded PVC board (Sintra)
aluminum / PVC composites such as Aluma Core
acrylic (Plexiglass)


SightLine of course offers finishing options for many products. For banners this might be stitched or heat welded edges, grommets installed, pole pockets created.

Lamination is critical for many products to provide resistance to UV light, abrasion, and chemical resistance. Laminates come in many types for many uses. Laminates are also generally available in either high gloss or matte finish. Some of the laminate varieties are:
liquid coating for textured surfaces such are art canvas
optically clear laminate for perforated window graphics
heavy textured laminate for floor graphics
ultra thin and flexible laminate for vehicle graphics